D-Facto VFX is full service visual effects company headquartered in a cutting-edge 5000 square-foot facility in Berlin. The company also has additional locations in Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne and Leipzig and has contributed to projects shooting throughout the world. The creative-driven company, which is led by VFX Manager Tim Luecker, sees clients as production partners, and collaborates in finding the best approach to all of a project’s visual effects needs, from fully realized CG creatures to photoreal digital environments, all the way to wire removals and other small fixes.

We create visual effects, but most importantly, we tell stories. Our teams in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne and Leipzig are composed of some of the most experienced artists and VFX pros in the business. From concept to finished product, we value detail-oriented design through teamwork and creativity.

With each project, we design a workflow tailored to meet production demands, optimized for top quality results. From CG creatures and crowds to vast digital matte paintings, delicate composites, invisible beauty work and everything in between, we forge compelling visuals that align with a client’s vision – all within the tight deadlines and budgets of episodic production. Our dedicated producers impart personalized attention to each project every step along the way, working closely with our talented artists and supervisors. Further bolstering creative efforts, our in-house technology experts ensure that our state-of-the-art infrastructure and secure global pipeline remain at the forefront of technical advancement.